Monday, October 25, 2010

The Waiting Place

I reside in limbo
The place between now and then
It is sparse and dimly lit
I live here with only you
And we stare at our plates without words
And like always
I wait

We play chess
And it's always your turn
But you never go
Never move a single piece from our board
So I wait
And maybe when I cry out
From the pain of waiting so helplessly
For signs of life
Maybe then you make an absentminded move
And maybe one day you won't notice
You're in check-mate
And the game has ended

I wait for changes
Wait for new breaks
I wait for happiness again
But will I even recognize it?
I wait for things to be better
Things to be worse
Things to be
Maybe just be like they were
Before I knew I was waiting
Hoping, wishing so hard
For nothing at all

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