Monday, May 17, 2010

Second Anniversary: 5/17/2010

I promise this poetry blog will not turn me into the poety laureate of my family and life, but I had to write something for my husband on our anniversary because of all we've been through. Moving to a new state and moving onto new stages in our lives has caused a disconnect in what I'd previously considered important and necessary. I had to learn many things to make life work here, but now that things are settling in, I realize that we are both better people, that our marriage is stronger now because of what we've gone through. Because of these things, it's hard to regret how things transpired to make it this way. The thing that amazes me most about my husband is how he believes in me, and I don't mean half-heartedly says he does but doesn't back it up. I mean how much he really believes in me, no matter how insane my ideas seem to the rest of the world. Steve understands me like nobody else does. I couldn't be more appreciative of this fact. To understand someone, to really understand them at their core, is to love them.

Half of me

I can be broken
Like that surrealist
Alarm clock
Stuck at 2:45
Some days I shatter
Like crystal
On the floor
Lack of confidence
Lack of direction
But you cradle
The shards that slice you
Little knives
I am constantly
Melting and reforming
Better for you
I can’t help
That half me
Will always be
Devoted to selfishness
And the pursuit of self
But the other half of me
Will always be

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