Monday, June 7, 2010


I'm done with the blogging part of this blog. No blogs. Just poetry. Enjoy.

Oda a la Montaña

My mountain-
Still in a grey cloak,
You dissolve into atmosphere.
Clouds of rain and light
Guard your stairway,
Hug your time softened peaks.
You are for me
And me alone.

I want to caress your crevasses
With my eager footsteps.
I want to know you like the sun
Knows the horizon.
I want to feel your gravity
Make me microscopic.

And if there is a way
That you could love me,
That you could understand me,
That you could be my mountain,
and I could be your monument.
I would love you,
Wear you down
Until you were
Just a grassy hill.

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