Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Love in Mexico

We had dreams and reasons
No concept of failure
No idea of success
Or that in the end
More than anything else
Life meant compromise
And waiting

I hugged your wet skin
My bare cheek and soaked hair
Clinging to your back

Speeding in an old rented scooter
Riding until the storm was behind us
I wore colors like you wore nothing
And we danced through the sand
Wasn't it so cliche
How it felt to be in love
In Mexico

I posed for bikini photos
Pale from Mississippi winter
But proud and feeling beautiful
Your wife
She looks just like a model
The cleaning lady said to us
I blushed and blamed the photographer
But I remember
Believing her anyway

When did I change
Become disenchanted
Grow up
And lose me
And why can I forgive everyone
For everything
Except me
For anything

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