Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Another new direction

Maybe it's just in my nature to be inconstant, but I've decided to take this blog, for the time being anyway, towards a food blog. I've been very into simple, healthful cooking lately, and because I make up most, almost all actually, of my own recipes, I figured I'd share my culinary journey with my fellow friends, foodie or not. Maybe if you're not a foodie yet, you will become one from reading my food blog. I can't promise you every recipe will be an absolute gem, but I can promise you it will be beautiful and entertaining to read along with me. I can't even promise you'll get an actual recipe out of me. But you might just get enough to give you the confidence to try cooking (something??) yourself. And you might try to make it healthier than what you know or what you grew up with. Maybe you can also share your culinary adventure with me. I don't know. My life is good and exciting right now, I'm feeling good about my direction, and here's a new and fresh direction for this blog too. If you've just tuned in for the culinary part of my life, that's cool. I hope I'm entertaining enough to keep you coming back for more...

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