Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Peachy little snack

So here it goes. My food blog. Food inspiration often strikes me at the oddest time. Then again, sometimes it's pretty obvious why I'm inventing a new recipe: I'm hungry. That was the case for this afternoon's snack attack. We had peaches in the house, which I don't generally like very much, but I suddenly felt the ernest desire to make something with peaches that I would actually enjoy. Voila. Roasted peaches with balsamic vinegar, cherries, and a lovely scoop of plain yogurt. Simplicity. Beauty. Health. And that's what it's all about. Well, not *all* about, but you get the drift.

So for starters, I was hungry. Like, lunch was 3 hours ago, it's the middle of the afternoon, I need a snack fast kind of hungry. But That's when my blood sugar has dipped, and I'm thinking cookie. No. No cookie for me. If I preoccupy myself with cooking an elaborate snack, sometimes it will distract me from ridiculous cravings like cookies. This time, it worked. For this whole recipe, including the yogurt scoop, we're looking at right about 100 calories, depending on the size of your peach. (peach-60 calories, yogurt-30 calories, balsamic vinegar- 15 calories, cherry- 4 calories = 109 calories) Not too shabby.

Start by peeling a lovely little peach. Cut it off the stone into four even sized pieces. Big chunks. They'll be a couple bites a piece. You could even really serve two people with this little snack. Or one hungry one.>>>me. Put it onto a cookie sheet lined with greased (my method today was Pam) aluminum foil. Put the peaches on there with a tiny dash of salt on each one. I put stone side up. I preheated the oven to 425, and just tried it out. I baked it for 5 minutes. Not enough. I put it back in and tried 5 more. That's when I realized this might take a while. I took them out, and inspiration struck. Balsamic vinegar. Yes! So I drizzled them with about two tablespoons of it and stuck them back in for 10 more minutes. I checked on them, re drizzled, turned, etc. When they smelled and looked nice and lovely, I pulled them out, stuck them on a plate with one pitted cherry, one scoop (1/4 cup) plain yogurt, and a small twig of basil, which actually added a little interest to the taste of the peaches, admittedly. I know you're thinking this needs a sauce. I was thinking that too. I let it set on the plate for a minute, looking around and thinking about what to do. I was thinking maple syrup.. then, lo and behold, to my surprise, a nice little sauce had formed in the bottom from the juicy peaches! It was lovely, and we needed no sauce! So that's my culinary adventure with the snack today. Maybe you can enjoy a roasted peach for yourself sometime soon. I certainly recommend it. =)

Now.. if I can just figure out how to upload images from my iPhone onto this here blog.. I'll be set! ***Update: SUCCESS!! WOOT!

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  1. Haven't seen you @ the poetry workshops in a while - there you would have learned I've never eaten a peach! This looks like a good way to christen my virgin peach experience. :) -TL