Friday, April 1, 2011

Ok, maybe I digress...

But only for the month of April by request of a friend. I will once again delve into the recesses of my mind and pull out some more of that poetry that I know is just waiting to get out. Suppression, you know. On the other side of my life, I have been too busy living to write since my last post, but soon, and maybe even today, I will get back to writing my life adventure blog. I have been having many adventures worth writing about. And since anyone who knows me knows that I am pretty much the worst storyteller in existence, this is the only way I can tell my stories with any sort of cohesion! Anyway, today's poem is entitled "Placebo."


I never knew you physically
You are nebulous
Grey and still
A folded blanket
In an empty room
Grey and still

But you hold the power to kill me
To heal me
To shape me, ruin me, and start again
As a child at 85

You can tear me to pieces
Without weapons
Make me elated
Without drugs
Make me remember
Or make me forget...

You are all that I am
And yet more than I'll ever know
Letters and numbers

You are my unwilling
That I both love
And love to hate

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