Sunday, April 11, 2010

Day 11: Because 11 is the best number

I like the prompt for today, actually. It's not a particularly interesting one, to be sure, but it still inspires me. Or maybe today is just an inspired sort of day. First let me begin by telling those of you who do not already know that my job as a nanny, while fun and rewarding at times, is not the job I feel I should be doing. For reasons I cannot help, I feel that it insults my intelligence. Don't ask why, I really couldn't say. But anyway, I've decided that I belong in graduate school, naturally, so I'll be applying in November/December to various German programs. I'm excited, to say the least. The point in all of this was to lead into a discussion that Steve and I had today about how I've never tried at anything academic in my life. And it's true, I've never, ever tried. I've done enough (or what I thought was enough most of the time) to get all A's in my classes, minus a couple that I miscalculated. I've decided to try from now on. This reminds me of a nice little haiku that was read at a poetry brunch. It stuck with me. I'll screw up the word order, but it goes more or less like this: Given enough time/ Anything can change/ Even minds.

04/11/2010: "The Last ______"

The Last Day of Mediocrity

Baby, you tell me,
You never once tried
In your whole life
I just analyze the steam
Twisting from my coffee
Because no words come

Intellectual equal
You call me
But I’m frozen
In a lake of disbelief
These words never meant
So much to me

Your words
Crawled up my spine
From the inside
Enveloped me
Thick and sweet
Like Tupelo honey

You see me
Like no one else
A prism in the window
You are my colors
I am me
Because of you

Next time you speak
Those words to me
I’ll make it so
It’s no lie
I’m done with mediocrity
Next time, I’m going to try

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