Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 24: Write an evening poem

Well, I know I'm behind and all that, and really there's only one more day left of this month, but I will see this challenge out to the bitter end.. and then beyond. No, I won't be writing daily poems after this challenge, but honestly, I haven't written daily poems DURING this challenge either. ;) So here's my evening poem. Enjoy.

04/24/2010: Evening poem

Evening Swim

We peel our clothing off
All but the summer skins
My arms wrap around me
In the stillness of twilight
At the pool that’s closed
‘Til June

We drift into the cold water
Like a hesitant baptism
No smiles of approval
And in the end there’s no amen
Nothing lingers there
Except regret

I venture underwater
Lost from sight and sound
A nebulous existence
But I can feel your desire
Thick like panes of glass
Between us

This evening swim could last
Forever or more if we let it
But just like when summer ends
The cold sinks down to remind us
And so we part our ways
In languid silence

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