Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 14: I am an island

This prompt I found very intriguing for whatever reason. I wrote the title and realized the poem was not going in the direction I intended. Oh well, when the poem writes itself, I don't question it!

04/14/2010: ________ Island

One Woman Island

She doesn't sleep much anymore
Palms touching between thighs
Eyes resting behind closed lids
Backlit by the synapses firing
Twenty-nine more days
He'll come back home

She watches home movies
Re-runs in her restless mind
That time he caught the blue crab
Or when he flew his plane over the house
Her yellow dress blowing in the wind
They waved at each other

She followed him to Oklahoma
Learned to two-step in leather boots
She followed him to Charleston
Fell in love with the ocean and wine
She followed him to Florida
And started a family with him

Ten years and two kids later
They call him to Afghanistan
Those songs once made her love America
Now she just can't seem to find it
And everyday she worries
That she doesn't worry enough

At night, she hears the sound of fire
Soldiers practice to fight wars
And it sounds like the fourth of July

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