Saturday, April 10, 2010

Just one more line...

This prompt was particularly difficult for me, and I can't even pinpoint exactly why. Should be easy, right? Self-portrait poem. Turns out I'm not so easy to figure out after all. This is what I could come up with that had any quality worth reading. See what you think of what I think of me...

P.S. I'm not fishing for nor am I interested in your contradictory opinions. I've never handled compliments well anyway... Don't bother, really.

04/09/2010: Self-Portrait

Jack of All Trades, Master of Cliches

You can find me at the bottom
Of every circle of interest
I'm the bottom feeder
I do everything some
And nothing all the way

I'm an artist
Without the eye
To make it pop

I'm an athelete
Without the body
To make the cut

I'm a linguist
Without the skill
To speak up

I'm a singer
Without the voice
To carry a tune

I'm a genius
Without the brains
To comprehend

I'm a poet
But all my words
Fall flat

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