Friday, April 9, 2010

Day 5 P.A.D. challenge

Really the challenge didn't start until the prompt from a couple days ago, which considering I'm writing this blog late would be this day. I'm still not really into this poem, but hey, considering the prompt was uninspiring, I'm just happy I could write anything at all on this day.

04/05/2010: TMI

Reasons for Marriage

Blue Ray DVD
CAT 9 cords
Renew your IP
Twittering tweets and
Blogging are fogging
My every membrane
4G access
iPad, iPod, iPhone
iCan't. Seem to. Think straight.
They digitize
And hypnotize
With promises
And outright lies
It's TMI
I think we'd die
Without them

I don't need anyone or anything at all
Except a man with sufficient knowledge
To turn on my television
And set my phone alarm
And clean off my hard drive
All reasons enough
To promise him forever

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