Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 18: The day Mr. Brewer at Writer's Digest gave up...

The prompts are less than inspiring, let's face it. This one, I believe, is an all time low for him thus far. The prompt for this poem was "To_________."

In my sleep deprived exhaustion, I've been able to produce two poems thus far today. One more and I'll be all caught up. I'll post the ones I've got momentarily. On a side note, I'm still going to the gym at 6:00 and spinning class isn't as easy as the name might imply...

Here's my poem from that prompt.

04/18/2010: To______

To Love and Lose

Just once I’d like to not care
To feel apathy in full force
You’ll tell me you’re lonely
And I will neither care nor comprehend
How it feels to be alone

But no, it cannot be this way
I’m the goddess of this universe
Benevolent and kind
I cannot let you be this way
I will love you until your end

One day the wellspring
Of my soul will run dry
And I wonder if you’ll be here
Wringing out the final droplets
While I die of thirst

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