Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day 12: Love for Tokyo

Today's prompt was nice for me. I knew immediately what city name my poem would be entitled: had to be Tokyo. Here's what I managed... (The Japanese is followed by a poetic translation into English)

04/12/2010: City name as title

Tokyo 東京

You pulse through me like neon
Light my veins with liquid fire
Just when I think I understand
You catch my breath with intrepid speed
I implode for you

You laugh at my vivid hair
Wide gaijin blue eyes
I turn away from you on the train
With your soft-core manga porn
Your notion of modesty
Lost on me

You call me stranger
When I leave you 7 weeks wiser
There’s a still silence between us
And a shallow bow of respect
But I think I might be in love
With you

Sumitomo-sankaku biru de
Yoru no sora no shita ni
Ginza to iu housekiya nimo
Sugoku kirei desu

In the Sumitomo-triangle building
Underneath the night sky
Even the Ginza jewelry stores
Are painfully beautiful

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