Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 19: Writing about neighbors

I don't know Mr. Smith very well, but he's an elderly fellow living next door to me. I know he's on dialysis a few times a week, I know he's a WWII veteran, and I know he grows a few fruits and veggies in his yard. His apparent favorite leisure time activities (Lieblingsfreizeitbeschaeftigung, for all you German word lovers) are sitting in the lawn chair in the front yard and taking tiny steps using his walker to go get the mail. Here's my poem for Mr. Smith.

Oh, and on a side note, this was also written in a state of exhaustion. Pardon any mistakes, please.

04/19/2010: Use someone's name in a poem title and write about them.

Mr. Smith, WWII Vet

Days pass lazy like magnolia blooms
Summer’s here early, Mr. Smith
Just for you

Picking tomatoes is easy, Mr. Smith
Even with arthritic fingers
You’ll do fine

Don’t let the watermelons get away
Last year’s crop withered on the vine
Dead and gone, Mr. Smith

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