Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day...What day is it?

Ok so this is day (insert day) of the challenge, and I've just decided to continue posting to my blog. I mean seriously, was I ever going to really be published anyway? ;) I doubt it. So for the good of mankind as a whole, I post my poetry here.. here for all four of you to read. I hope you all are enjoying my random musings.

04/??/2010: According to____________

According to Mercury

In the summer
I watch Mercury climb
Winding spiral staircases
To the highest tower
With wings on his heels
You'd think he'd fly
But he just creeps along
Like a house-worn mule

The message from Mercury
Manifests itself in
A pearl of sweat
Rolling along my jaw
I know it's time
To shed my winter layers
Time for summer dresses
Wide-brimmed hats

I cry for mercy
For solace in the shade
I dress for him, light and barefoot
The rocking chair lends a breeze
Of stilted dewdrop air
Too soon days will come
When I’ll curse his mercurial flippancy
As he climbs back down

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