Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 22: Earth Day poem it is. This prompt was less than inspiring, as usual, but it was predictable enough. I planted a Sweet Pea flower today with my charge, Kiran. I've done my duty as a citizen of the Earth, apparently.. Also, this poem is being critiqued by my fellow poet, so if you see it early, you might not see the best version. I'll update when it's finished. Just figured I should go ahead and get it posted.

Oh, hey.. have you noticed how my poems are starting to take on forms? It's odd..seeing the progression of my poetry. Is it a good thing? I'm not sure.. but it's happening anyway.

04/22/2010: Earth poem

Songs for Planet Earth

There are too many sweet love songs
Light-hearted, bare-footed, sun shining
Through uncut blond locks songs
About you
Planet Earth

Too many garden, tree house, box-car
Racing songs of sweet summer humidity
And cold, frosty morning exhalation psalms
About you
Planet Earth

I’ll spare you my accolades, my adulation
My horror and detestation. What surprises me
Is how very little we really care
About you
Planet Earth

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