Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 17: Let's get Physical...

Ok, I love the premise behind this prompt.. and apparently what I've done with it is worth posting, so here it goes. As always, I'm open to criticism!

04/17/2010: Science poem

Let's Get Physical

“Physics is like sex:
Sure, it may give us practical results,
But that’s not why we do it.”
-Richard P. Feynman

Nothing flips my switch
Nothing turns my knobs
Quite like a good science geek
With an I.Q. fit for Mensa

With that Topology book in one hand
And a shaky mug of coffee in the other
I don’t care that you don’t see me
You could make me quiver
From across the known universe

I don’t need your strong jaw line
I don’t need your Greek god legs
Speak a language I don’t know
And I’m more than happy to explore
The Grand Unification Theory with you

Draw a vector down my spine
Make me your personal graph paper
Move your hands along my sine waves
I’ll let you be my derivative
And lay tangent to my curves
Let's put theories aside for the night
While you bisect my angle

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